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Investing in funds

Obtain a reasonable return on your assets, adjusted to your risk profile.

Profitable instruments

Investment funds are financial products that provide many advantages when investing in them. Among other things, they are transparent (regulated by the CNMV), are easy to enter and exit, have tax breaks and they also allow diversifying our own portfolio.


Why invest in investment funds?


Investment Funds allow diversifying risks in any market environment. There is always an asset, country, sector or currency in which you can obtain a return. They allow accessing all types of assets (fixed income, equities, currencies, derivatives, etc.) and geographical areas (United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa) in a simple way and at a lower cost than performing these investments directly.

The investments made in each market are analysed by the best expert agents.


It is the financial product with the best tax treatment. We can change fund without bearing any tax, which provides it great flexibility in terms of making investment decisions. We can defer the payment of taxes until we redeem it, that is, we can implement an efficient fiscal-financial policy.


It is the safest product for savers, because the owners of assets are the participants themselves, that is, in the event of the managing entity declaring bankruptcy all the assets will be protected due to not being part of the bank's balance. This is not the case in other financial products such as deposits or bonds.

By means of a diversified fund portfolio, we reduce the risk to which our assets are exposed, because funds enable us to diversify our investments according to the profile of each investor, their personal situation and the perspective of the different markets and assets.


You can obtain liquidity and dispose of your assets at any given time by redeeming or selling your participation without having to wait for their maturity. An important advantage if we compare it with other types of financial instruments such as deposits, structures, guaranteed funds or profitability target funds in which it is necessary to wait for expiration or otherwise assume a penalty.


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