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Legal notice

This Website is property of PROFIM, Asesores Patrimoniales, Empresa de Asesoramiento Financiero, S.L. (Tax ID number B81421273). Financial advisory services. Registered Offices: Madrid – C/ Barbara de Braganza, 6, 3º izq. (Postcode 28014) (Spain). Registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, Volume 10881, Book 0, Folio 85, Section 8, Sheet M-171760.

PROFIM has branches in Barcelona (C/ Mallorca nº 237, bis, 5º 1º C.P. 08008) and Bilbao (C/ Juan Ajuriaguerra, nº 48 C.P. 48009).

PROFIM, is an investee of Caja de Arquitectos S.Coop. de Crédito (Arquia Banca), with registered office in Barquillo, 6. 28004 Madrid (España), Tax ID Number F08809808, and registered in the Banco de España Registry under No. 3183 and the Mercantile Register of Barcelona in Volume 20161, Folio 1, Sheet No. B-2363.

With regard to the investment services provided by PROFIM, it is hereby stated that it is a Financial Advisory Company registered in the Authorisation register established for this purpose by the CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) under registration number 26.

PROFIM informs its customers and the general public, that it has implemented the appropriate bodies and procedures related to the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism in accordance with Act 10/2010, of 28 April (Spanish Official Bulletin of 29/04/2010), and its R.D. 304/2014, of 5 May (Spanish Official Bulletin of 06/05/2014).

  • General terms and conditions of access and use

  • These general conditions regulate the access and use of this Website, which is owned by PROFIM and makes it available to Internet users free of charge. By accessing the Website, the user unreservedly accepts these terms and conditions. In section 10, you will find our “Cookie Policy”.

    The use of any service offered on this Website is also governed by the particular and legal conditions established in each individual case.

    Please carefully read the legal terms and conditions of access / use of this Website and the information it contains:

    • The content of this Website is purely informative and does not entail an offer to enter a contract or is binding information for PROFIM, Asesores Patrimoniales, Empresa de Asesoramiento Financiero, S.L., (hereinafter "PROFIM), which it may modify without prior notice. PROFIM accepts no responsibility from the errors, alterations or omissions that the information on this Website may contain, whether from providing the data through usual procedures or due to an improper access or use of the supply sources of this information, nor from the lack of adequacy of the information with respect to real time. Therefore, neither PROFIM nor none any of its employees or executives shall be responsible for any damage or loss whatsoever that may arise from these circumstances.
    • By totally or partially accessing this Website, you will be considered a user and are presumed to have accepted these general terms and conditions of access and use (see general access conditions). Access to any of the Website’s pages may be limited by the laws and provisions of the jurisdictions of different countries. If this is your case, you shall not be considered a user and you must abandon the access to this Website wholly or partially.
    • The information contained on this Website is primarily intended for the use of individuals and legal entities (hereinafter "users") residing in Spain or accessing from Spain. Therefore, PROFIM declines any liability for access by users in jurisdictions where such use may be contrary to local legislation or regulations.
    • The contents of this Website are for informational purposes only and should under no circumstances be used or considered as an offer of sale or a request for an offer of sale of any product or service, and it can be changed or cancelled by PROFIM without prior notification. PROFIM assumes no responsibility for possible discrepancies which, may be present between the printed version of its documents and the versions available in electronic format on its Website. In the Mifid section, you will find all the legal information about PROFIM related to the investment service it provides to its customers.
    • This Website may contain or provide access to financial publications or reports (non-binding) prepared by PROFIM. In certain jurisdictions or venues, this information cannot be distributed or disseminated, directly or indirectly, to individuals or certain people, and consequently, access to these publications may be denied or restricted. This material should not be considered as an offer of sale or a request for an offer of sale of shares in investment funds or any other financial instrument or securities. The opinions and/or content of this Website may be subject to change, even cancelled without prior notice. Any person deciding to access this Website in order to purchase or sell or avail of its services should base such a decision on the public information available on the product or service in question and, where applicable, should take into consideration the content of the informative brochure that is registered and made available at the market regulatory body in question and the corresponding issuing company.
    • PROFIM reserves the right to update, modify, suspend, cancel, or restrict the content of the Website, as well as the links or the information obtained through them, including these terms and conditions, without prior notice.
    • Under no circumstances will PROFIM guarantee uninterrupted or error-free access to the Website, and, therefore, assumes no liability for any type of damage, loss (direct or indirect), claim, or cost of any kind, whether resulting from the use of the Website, the information acquired or accessed by or through it, computer viruses, operating faults or interruptions in service or transmission, or faults on the line; use of the Website, either by direct connection, link, or other means, constitutes a warning to any user that these eventualities may occur.
    • It is forbidden to transmit or send any illegal or illicit content, computer viruses, or messages through the Website that generally affect or infringe upon the rights of PROFIM or other third-parties. It is also forbidden that the user sends or communicates advertising, promotional materials or any other way of offering services, including junk mail, spam, etc.
    • PROFIM accepts no responsibility for third-party websites that can be accessed through link or any content provided by third-parties. Any use of a link or access to a third-party Website is undertaken at the will and exclusive risk of the user. PROFIM does not recommend or guarantee any information obtained through third-parties, nor does it accept liability for any loss, claim, or damage derived from the use or misuse of a link, or from the information obtained through it, including other links or websites, from interruptions in service or access, or from attempts to use or misuse a link, either when accessing the Website, or when accessing information on other websites from the Website.

  • Information and Applications

  • This Website does not provide any type of investment recommendation, or legal or tax advice or any other type of advisory information, and the content of the Website must not be used as the basis for carrying out investments or for making decisions. Furthermore, the information contained on this Website is published for general use and does not take into account any specific objectives for investments or regarding the financial situation or particular needs of any person whatsoever. Prior to making any decision regarding any investment, you should obtain adequate and specific professional advice, subject to a prior evaluation of your financial situation, knowledge and experience by said professional by means of an appropriateness test. The value of the investments may rise or fall, which is a situation that must be assumed by the investor together with the risk that the invested amount may not be recovered, in part or in full. Moreover, the publication of past returns does not constitute any promise or guarantee of future returns.

    PROFIM has a customer service that will answer to any request for information on the investment service provided and will resolve any claim or complaint arising from the relationship with its customers within the scope of the financial advisory services. You can access this Service directly by clicking the link provided for this purpose on this Website.

    The contents of this Website are for informational purposes only and should under no circumstances be used or considered as an offer of sale, request for an offer of sale, or recommendation to conduct any other transaction except where expressly indicated. Any purchase decision on the part of the recipient or user should be adopted according to the existing public information about the security (or financial instrument), and, as appropriate, in line with the prospectus registered with the CNMV, available at this body as well as from the governing body of the corresponding market, the issuing company or trading company.

    To contract the services offered by PROFIM, you must sign the documents provided by the company for this purpose. Prior to this you must sign the Appropriateness Test.

    All financial information contained on this Website refers to the period expressed therein and it has been obtained from commonly used sources and considered as reliable. Even though the best effort has been invested and the appropriate work has been performed by PROFIM to guarantee that the information included is correct, PROFIM does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information, therefore it shall not be deemed as if it were, while it can be modified or cancelled without prior notice. Consequently, PROFIM shall not be held liable for errors in the information, as well as those that may be committed by managing entities of investment funds and other responsible entities, such as issuers of financial instruments. This Website should not be considered as a request, invitation or offer of sale, purchase, subscription or negotiation of investment funds or any other financial instrument or securities. Any purchase or sale decision on the part of the user of this Website made on investment funds, and, if the case, financial instruments or securities, even those mentioned on this Website, is personal to each investor and it should be adopted according to the existing public information about said investment funds, financial instruments or securities, and, as appropriate, in line with the prospectus corresponding to said financial instruments which must be registered with and available at the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores, as well as in the governing body of the corresponding market, the trading companies or issuing companies of said financial instruments, the latter of which shall be responsible for the information contained in the prospectus: article 28 of the LMV). PROFIM does not guarantee a concrete result and warns the user that the correct recommendations in past recommendations do not imply correct future recommendations and that the historical or past returns of the investments do not guarantee future returns or results. It is expressly advised that any investment in financial instruments involves risks that the investor must know beforehand, including the total loss of the investment made. PROFIM does not assume any responsibility for the errors that the information provided may contain, and in particular, does not assume any responsibility for any loss of property or loss (direct or indirect) of whoever makes use of the information on this Website. Any information regarding profitability or results that appears on the Website are data to be taken into account but not the only data or the most important. In any case it refers to the periods between twelve months and five years, expressly warning that any figures relating to past results or returns or historical yields are not a reliable indicator of future returns or results. In case of information related to currencies, the user is expressly advised to consider possible increases or decreases in yield depending on currency fluctuations. Any recommendation or forecast that will be made under no circumstances will be a reliable indicator of obtaining future returns or results. Any mention to a competent authority on this Website does not mean that this authority approves or supports the services or products referred to.

    The Website may incorporate reports, comments, notes and opinions of third parties. PROFIM does not accept and therefore declines any liability for direct or indirect damage or losses as a result of the use of such information, publications or third-party analysis reports. Likewise, they may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or published by any user of this Website.

    Any price appearing on the Website for the services offered by PROFIM will be subject to the legally established taxes. The official rates and charges that PROFIM applies to its retail customers are published on this Website and in the CNMV.

  • Intellectual and industrial property rights

  • This Website is the exclusive property of PROFIM. The intellectual property and operating and reproduction rights of this Website, its source code, browsing structure, databases, elements it contains, its pages, screens, the information they contain, its appearance and design, as well as the hyperlinks from it to other websites are the exclusive property of PROFIM, unless otherwise specified. All names, symbols, designs and/or logos included on this Website are duly registered trademarks. Any unauthorised use thereof by a person other than their legitimate owner may be prosecuted in accordance with current law. The copyrights and trademark rights of third parties are appropriately indicated and must be respected by anyone accessing this Website. It is forbidden to reproduce, transmit, modify, or delete the information, content, or notices contained on this Website without the prior written consent of PROFIM.

    Access to this Website does not give users any rights or ownership over any intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the contents on this Website. PROFIM reserves the right to execute legal proceedings against users that violate or breach intellectual and/or industrial property rights.

    The unauthorised use of the information contained on this Website, its resale or any violation to the Rights provided in these terms and conditions will result in the enforceability of the civil and criminal liabilities that, under Spanish law, correspond.

    Any link to PROFIM's Website by third parties shall always be carried out to the main or home page, prior written authorisation of PROFIM.

  • Legislation and jurisdiction

  • These general terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law. PROFIM and the user expressly surrender any other jurisdiction that may apply to them and submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid (Spain).

    © PROFIM, Asesores Patrimoniales, Empresa de Asesoramiento Financiero, S.L. (2014). All rights reserved.