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Advisory Services

We advise our customers on the most appropriate investment strategy for their assets.

We seek success

Our financial experience enables us to perform an in-depth analysis of your needs in order to manage your economy in the safest and most reliable way possible. Our professionals will constantly search for the best solutions to make your investments profitable.

How we operate

We advise customers on the most appropriate investment strategy for their assets and it is the customer himself who executes the investments through his bank of choice following our advice according to his investor profile.

For the investment to become effective, we recommend that the customer have a cash account and a securities account at a bank or platform that allows him to access a wide range of investment products.

Advisory Services

Questionnaire about investor profile: An advisor collects information about your objectives, risk profile and situation of the assets to invest.
Portfolio design:
Our analysis team designs a portfolio, which the advisor communicates to his customer so he can make it effective through the chosen investment platform.
Ongoing advice:
An advisor will be made available to you at all times whenever you require any clarification or to modify the investment strategy due to changes in the market or in the situation of your assets.
Monitoring and updating:
You will receive a monthly report on the markets and a follow-up report on your portfolio.

Our added value

We commit to obtaining a reasonable return on your assets adjusted to your risk profile and maintaining the main focus on investment funds.

We guarantee keeping our customers clear from financial and investment products that are not suited to their profile, providing clear and continuous monitoring information on the situation of their portfolio in terms of return and risk. With Profim you will enjoy the safety of feeling accompanied by a team of experts that will look after your assets.

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